Our Projects

  • Lawrence's School Of Hope, 2021-2023

    Hope for Ghana's third school and most adventurous project has come to the village of Sesime where children who were learning under a tree and a shed now have a 7 classroom school, a library and computer lab.
  • Platini's School Of Hope, 2019-2021

    Hope for Ghana's second school, in memory of humanitarian and child rights advocate, Platini Ashiagbor, is in the village of Kpevenu where the nearest school is 6 kilometers away so children often did not go to school.
  • Mason's School Of Hope, 2017-2018

    Hope for Ghana's first school is in the remote village of Gakpokorpe, a poor village of farmers whose children previously walked 3 kilometers each way to get to school. The school, dedicated to Mason Langford, provides a kindergarten, primary school and library.
  • Abusakope Water Project, 2018

    Hope for Ghana has brought potable water to Abusakope, a village in Ghana that had previously been walking miles to fetch dirty river water.
  • Gakpokorpe Clean Water, 2017

    Hope for Ghana provided a borehole in Gakpokorpe that provides access to clean drinkable water. Women and children who walked long distances to fetch dirty river water now have healthy, clean water.
  • Coronavirus Crisis Response, 2020

    Hope for Ghana's Coronavirus Crisis Response provided hospitals and thousands of people with necessary protection to prepare for a deadly pandemic.
  • Apprentice Sponsorship

    Hope for Ghana is forever changing the lives of young men and women who will create a future for themselves as masons, seamstresses, tailors, carpenters, hairdressers, welders and tilers.
  • Abor Library & Computer Lab, 2017

    Hope for Ghana built its sixth library and computer lab at Abor-Weme Municipal Assembly Basic School, home to 500 primary and junior high school students.
  • Ashiata Library & Computer Lab, 2016

    Hope for Ghana has built its fifth library and computer lab at Ashiata Municipal Assembly Basic School, serving 800 kindergarten, primary and junior high school students.
  • The Fritz Cameron Library, 2016

    Hope for Ghana built its fourth library and computer lab in the village of Anloga at a school of 600 primary school and junior high school students.
  • The Elena Haasen Library, 2015

    Hope for Ghana's third library and computer lab was built at Tegbi Agbedrafor Basic School. The Elena Haasen Library, named in memory of the daughter of a dear friend, is a gift to 600 primary and junior secondary school students.
  • Tegbi Library & Computer Lab, 2014

    Hope for Ghana's second library and computer lab was built at Tegbi Roman Catholic School in Tegbi, a very small quiet coastal village near Keta. This learning center serves 900 primary school students and the local community.