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Hope for Ghana
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Pittsburgh, PA 15232
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Q: What does Hope for Ghana do in Africa?

Hope for Ghana is building schools, libraries and computer labs in the rural villages of Ghana where children are starving for opportunity yet do not have the adequate books and resources for their education and development. Schools are being built in the most remote villages in Ghana where educational resources are so depleted that some children attend "schools under a tree." In some cases the nearest school may be so far away that young children either don't attend school or they risk their lives walking on the road to school. Libraries and computer labs provide story books, encyclopedias, text books and learning software, educational tools never before available to these children.

Q: How can I donate to Hope for Ghana?

Donations to Hope for Ghana are tax-deductible and are greatly appreciated. Donations may be made securely online, or you can mail your donation to: Hope for Ghana, 917 Ivy Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15232. You may consider a donation in your loved one's memory and honor. Hope for Ghana can dedicate a library and computer lab, a classroom, or an entire school so that your loved one's memory can live on and inspire children in Ghana for years to come. And don't forget to talk to your company about their matching gift program.

Q: How does Hope for Ghana build a library and computer lab?

Once a school or orphanage has been identified by Hope for Ghana, an available room is donated to us for the creation of a library and computer lab. Hope for Ghana has a committed and hard-working team including a local mason, electrician, carpenter, painter and welder who complete this transformation. Donated and locally purchased books fill the bookshelves, and new Dell computers have nearly 60 pieces of learning software downloaded to create a computer lab. A contact person assigned at each project site is responsible for the site's safety and maintenance, providing ongoing feedback regarding the community's use of the library and computer lab.

Q: How will my donation to Hope for Ghana be used?

Donations to Hope for Ghana are tax-deductible and go directly towards the building of a library and computer lab or a school by a faithful team of Ghanaian workers, allowing for masons to create the foundation and structure of the building; an electrician to bring electricity into the school and provide lighting and ventilation; a carpenter to create wall-to-wall bookshelves, tables, and a ceiling; a painter to paint both the inside and outside of the building; a plumber to provide toilets in separate boys and girls rooms; and a welder to build burglar proofing around all doors and windows. Donations also go towards buying thousands of books for all age groups to fill the library, new computers as well as learning software for all ages and all subjects.

Q: How much of my donation to Hope for Ghana goes to the children in Ghana?

100% of your donation is used to complete our projects in Ghana. A very special team of Ghanaians provides all the workmanship. While some books are brought over from the United States, most of the books are purchased in Accra, the capital of Ghana. Though all the learning software for the computer lab is purchased in the United States, the computer system in its entirety is bought from a major IT company in Accra. Hope for Ghana proudly continues to spend over 95% of its donations overseas in Ghana, putting money directly in the hands of the Ghanaian people and Ghanaian companies.

Q: What is the future of Hope for Ghana?

The future of Hope for Ghana is very bright. Thanks to the generosity of individual donors around the world and partnering corporations, Hope for Ghana will continue to build more schools, libraries and computer labs in the neediest rural Ghanaian villages, bringing hope and opportunity to Ghanaian children yearning for a brighter future. Join Hope for Ghana today, and together let's change the lives of Ghanaian children for generations to come.